Embracing Mortality: The Power of Death Meditation in Gaining a Fresh Perspective

A couple of years back, I was lucky enough to participate in my own Living Funeral and meditation ceremony at Steady Waves EOL, led by Emily Cross. Despite feeling overwhelmed by the experience, it wasn't because of the fact that it was my own funeral ceremony, but because I was late! I found this amusing since I am usually the first one to arrive everywhere, but this time, during what could have been my last act, I was tardy for the party.

Seeing my picture in a frame with an end date on it was an emotional moment for me. After staring at it for a few minutes and listening to Emily's guidance, we were asked to write down any final thoughts or words we'd want to leave for our loved ones.

Even with my experience in this field and knowing the things to say, it was still not easy to put it down on paper. Tears welled up as I started to write, bringing up various emotions and feelings. Once we finished writing, Emily directed us to lay down for a death meditation where we were shrouded and our eyes covered to block out the living world, although the sounds of New York City could still be heard in the background. We did our best to focus on Emily's guiding presence as we drifted off into the world of the dead.

It was challenging to imagine being dead and what that would feel like. My mind kept wandering, making it difficult to focus. Perhaps meditating on the active dying process would have been a little easier for my mind to grasp. Overall, it was an insightful and interesting experience that allowed me to reflect on my life, what is important, and some of the unfinished business I still have.

Thinking about death can help us live and gain a new perspective on things. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to participate in something like this, I highly recommend you do so. It can be an eye-opening experience.